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What is Private Mortgage Lending?

Posted by on November 20, 2013

Private Mortgage Lending or Financing is basically a mortgage contract in which the lender is not a bank or lending institution but rather the lender could be a friend, family member or an individual investor or group of investors willing to lend you the funds you need. Private mortgages are done all throughout BC and Yukon.

Banks as you might know have strict guidelines in regards to how they lend their money. They have a set of criteria and rules that they basically have to follow. Unfortunately for many people these rules or qualifications are hard to meet and as such they get turned down by their bank for the financing they need. This is where Private Mortgage Lending comes into play. We can work with you to get you setup with the lending and funding you need.

I take a more personal approach into getting to know your exact needs and looking past some of the set formulas used to detemine your ability to pay back your funding, in other words we look at your unique situation, even if you're looking for apartments in DC.

Why Would I need Private Mortgage Lending?

As a Mortgage Broker our focus is to get you the Mortgage Lending you need and get that done quickly with as little headaches and hassles possible. Some typical situations that Private Mortgage Lending is used for include:

Debt Consolidation

Home Purchase

Restructuring of Financing

Home Renovations

Unique Properties (Hotels, Shopping Malls etc.)

Stopping a Power of Sale

Self-Employed Persons

And much, much more!

Call us today 1 877 638-3688 for any questions you may have about private lending. 
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