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Senior Mortgage Broker and co-owner of ZANDERS & Associates Mortgage Brokers Inc. She is a mortgage broker helping clients through BC and Yukon, from Maple Ridge and Port Moody, BC to Whitehorse, Yukon and everywhere inbetween.
She is registered with BCSFA - BC Financial Services Association former known as FICOM. Susan Zanders is specialized as a Maple Ridge, BC and Whitehorse, Yukon Mortgage Broker, however places ortgages all over British Columbia from Maple Ridge, Whiterock and Port Moody to Whitehorse to Dawson City and all throughout the Yukon Territory. She is a member of our Certified CHIP Reverse Mortgage Team.


Susan currently lives in Maple Ridge. If she isn’t working on your mortgage, finding you your best options, you’ll find her in the garden or walking with her dogs through the forest. She won the 2004 Silver Award for her gardening the annual Nature’s Havens Challenge, which challenges Lower Mainland gardeners to transform their gardens into a haven for nature!


Susan is environmentally concerned and a strong believer in non-chemical, organic gardening. “Compost makes terrific soil.” Susan supports recycling and protecting the environment by being a conscientious consumer. One of her favorite source of heirloom seeds is from Dan at Salt Spring Island Seeds and West Coast Seeds!


She is a strong advocate of living co-existence with bears and living in harmony with nature. “We live right next to a wildlife corridor and often have the opportunity to see many animals from our door step including bears with their cubs as well as deer, racoons, coyotes and cougars that frequent the area." 


Susan believes in an organic and nourishing diet. She loves preparing raw food and is always looking for ways to create new recipes that to source local food which is organic and non GMO.


Susan has extensive mortgage experience and explains that once clients have used her as their mortgage broker, they find it easy and refer many friends and family. As she has owned various businesses for many years, Susan understands the complexities of getting mortgage financing for self employed people. “I shop the best mortgage rates and best mortgage options tailored to my client’s needs. As a Mortgage Broker, I work for my clients, not the bank. Most of the time, the lenders are the ones who pay me when the mortgage funds, so that means usually the client pays no fees,” says Susan.


She is well versed with all types of mortgages and is an expert with self-employed clients as well as refinancing. She is a BC and Yukon Mortgage Broker. Susan has helped get mortgages for many clients all throughout BC and the Yukon Territory from Whitehorse up to Dawson City. She is a Vancouver girl, who moved north to Whitehorse, Yukon with her parents and family  where she finished her schooling at FH Collins. She has a large number of clients and friends in the Yukon Territory, that as a Whitehorse mortgage broker she has helped many Northerners with their mortgage financing. “We believe in prompt and friendly customer service and helping each client to find out their best mortgage options.”


Top reasons for consumers to use a Mortgage Broker (source: Maritz Research):
1. To get a good rate/ get a better deal/ save money
2. To benefit from the broker’s research
3. To get access to multiple lenders
4. To obtain product/term recommendations




“It was really great to be referred to you from our friends. They were right, you are very professional, know your products and could help us with our challenging refinance saving us lots of money. Not only you were friendly and fast, but got us a really great rate!”
Linda and Tom | Refinance | Whitehorse, YT


“Thank you for taking the time and helping with us on our Whitehorse home purchase. We know it was a lot of work. We are enjoying our new home and so happy we don’t have to pay the high rent anymore! After being declined by other lenders, we really appreciate that you took the time to listen to our situation and had success in finding a lender to work with us.”
Tim and Sonja | Home Purchase | Whitehorse, YT


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You can reach Susan on her direct line for all parts of BC and Yukon Territory toll-free 1.877.638.3688
$usan Zanders
Senior Mortgage Broker, Owner

Phone 604.831.3686
Phone 1.877.638.3688
Email zanders@telus.net

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